Monday, May 10, 2010

Poem inspired by the Iliad

I walk through the woods with a spear in my hand
Searching for enemies, the general's demand
I feel like life is a constant fight
I'd rather be dealing with veggie blight
We see the enemies coming from the south
Their immense numbers drops my mouth
I throw my spear, praying for a hit
But I completely miss, and my general's all like "You twit!"
Well here we go again, now I've an ax
It ploughs through a tree as if it were wax
The tree falls and blocks the baddies off
I feel more powerful than Haselhoff


  1. Pure, pure genius, Uncle Hades...I always thought you were a stiff, but your humorous poem set me straight. Bravo.
    The Huntress

  2. What do you mean gortesque? Dude, you really need to come spend a few days with me in Tartarus, it would be good for you!